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The Proof Is In The Results! Revolutionizing the way children learn to read while encouraging them to read more and read better.


"Any student who is sitting and watching these Reading Movies, even though they think that they are just watching a movie that is entertaining to them, their brains are seeing words, they are comprehending words, they are reading whether they realize that they are or not. Think about it, if they sit down and watch a couple of these movies each week, they are spending ten hours a week reading and of course that’s going to benefit any child. These Reading Movies are absolutely revolutionary, by combining education with entertainment."


"Reading Movies makes the student read with the fluency that he understands spoken language. This is the power of this program which excites me like no other I have known in over 30 years that I have studied and taught Reading and Language Arts and Sciences. These Reading Movies takes the language as it is spoken and written and integrates it fully into the entertainment. So as the students are enjoying the movie and following along with the spoken words, the written words are right there and become identified in the minds of the students, with the spoken words, and that is the thing that makes for a good reader and for a good reader to become a master reader.”


"I have seen a big change in my daughter’s and even in my life, because no matter what language you speak at home, Reading Movies gives you the skills to read better"


"..After they watch these movies they want to read and they want to do it on their own. I have already seen it improve my daughters reading level. As soon as she finished watching 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, she went to the school library and took out the book and read it. This was the first book she took out."


DJ went from a C, D, F average in school, but since we got Reading Movies, DJ has been averaging B’s and sometimes A’s. He surprised even me, because now he just wants to read and read and read.


NEW FROM SPECIALLY FOR KIDS - For kindergarten through eighth grade and up. Reading Movies™ is the Brand Name of Products using the patented Action Captions™ word technology. Revolutionizing The Way Children Acquire Literature And Language Skills

  • Patented Action Caption Technology

  • Scientifically Proven / Classroom Tested

  • Your kids are effortlessly & unintentionally reading

  • No more guilt about letting your kids watch TV!


Featuring the Patented Action Caption™ Technology, Interactive with Word-Play Dictionary & Games™, For viewing on TV and Computers

Entertainment and Education blend together seamlessly to create READING MOVIES™, a revolutionary and new, interactive movie based product, which is guaranteed to teach reading, and to encourage children to spend more time reading, dramatically improving their current reading and vocabulary skills, whether they are kindergarten, elementary or middle school readers. The cutting edge and revolutionary engine of this ultimate ‘Learn To Read System’ are Reading Movies™. Reading Movies™ are award-winning children's movies, produced via a patented technology called Action Captions™, the efficacy of which is supported by years of independent research and published papers from several Universities. This Action Caption™ technology shows the spoken word, one-word-at-a-time, as the character speaks on the screen. Amazingly, the words appear out of the mouths of the speaker with easy to read clarity and with no disruption to the flow and entertainment of the movie.

Reading scientists and educators indicate that these simultaneous Action Captions™ activate the cognitive elements of the brain, so that the development of both reading and spoken language skills takes place as a natural by-product of watching these movies. Scientists further indicate that, even viewed passively, by utilizing the new, unique and patented Action Captions™ word technology, the viewing of these movies will result in associative or unintended reading development, made even more powerful by virtue of being an integral part of the child’s ‘entertainment viewing’.

Reading Movies™ are currently available in a set of three Interactive DVDs featuring three movie adaptations of literary stories we all know and love. These include Jules Verne’s ‘Twenty Leagues Under the Sea’, Jonathan Swift’s ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ and ‘The Trojan Horse’, adapted from Homer’s ‘The Odyssey’. So whether your child realizes it or not, while they are enjoying an entertaining adventure movie adapted from classic books we all know and love - they are reading! Reading Movies teaches, encourages, develops and dramatically improves a child’s reading, spelling, vocabulary, reading speed, and reading comprehension effortlessly, while they are being entertained by popular adventure movies which kids love. Reading Movies turns TV time into fun reading time.

Reading Movies™ turns the hours children spend viewing TV and playing video games, sometimes mindlessly, into a highly motivational and fun reading experience, which is as EDUCATIONAL as it is ENTERTAINING.

Reading Movies™ are specially produced, using a team of educators and reading specialists who incorporated the spelling of several thousand vocabulary building words for children, kindergarten through middle school. Additionally, all of these movies were produced with the same well known young stars. This unique feature of visual and vocal continuity causes children to develop a higher basis of familiarity with the stories, and this result in accelerated reading improvement and comprehension.

The entire Learning system provides these three movies as interactive DVDs and includes 3 user’s ‘Dictionary and Game Guidebooks’, three full color 20 page ‘Fun to Read Workbooks’ and 3 Dialogue Books – one of each Reading Movie™. Finally, the Learning System includes 8 ‘Word-Play Tutorial Guidebooks’ – one for each of grades 1 to 8. Each tutorial is a fun experience which uses selected scenes from the Reading Movies™ to teach or improve vocabulary, pronunciation, spelling, reading speed and fluency skills necessary to be mastered for that grade. The tutorials are capped with State reading tests preps, based upon and preparing the student to pass their State reading tests.

Special Features of these Reading Movies™ include the Spelling and Pronunciation of over 10,000 words of dialogue, an ‘Interactive Phonetic Wordplay Dictionary’ of specially chosen vocabulary building words, an ‘Interactive Story-Game’ which increases comprehension, informational features about the literary masterpieces being adapted as Reading Movies™ and Previews of other Reading Movies™.

Reading Movies™ Are Interactive For Use on TV or Computer.

This allows the student while watching the movie to pause the action and learn more about the individual words they might or might not want to learn more about, through the use of such interactive tools as the Word Play Dictionary, Phonetic Pronunciation Guide, and Word Use Guide.

The student may chose to ignore learning more about certain words and continue viewing the movie and return to them later. But if they wish to learn more about these words as they enjoy the movie, they may pause the movie, learn more about the these words and return to the movie at the same place it had been paused.

There is also a guide for context showing the student how to use that word correctly in a sentence, plus so much more. The best part is the student will use it because its fun and because they want to.

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