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The Proof Is In The Results! Revolutionizing the way children learn to read while encouraging them to read more and read better.


"Any student who is sitting and watching these Reading Movies, even though they think that they are just watching a movie that is entertaining to them, their brains are seeing words, they are comprehending words, they are reading whether they realize that they are or not. Think about it, if they sit down and watch a couple of these movies each week, they are spending ten hours a week reading and of course that’s going to benefit any child. These Reading Movies are absolutely revolutionary, by combining education with entertainment."


"Reading Movies makes the student read with the fluency that he understands spoken language. This is the power of this program which excites me like no other I have known in over 30 years that I have studied and taught Reading and Language Arts and Sciences. These Reading Movies takes the language as it is spoken and written and integrates it fully into the entertainment. So as the students are enjoying the movie and following along with the spoken words, the written words are right there and become identified in the minds of the students, with the spoken words, and that is the thing that makes for a good reader and for a good reader to become a master reader.”


"I have seen a big change in my daughter’s and even in my life, because no matter what language you speak at home, Reading Movies gives you the skills to read better"


"..After they watch these movies they want to read and they want to do it on their own. I have already seen it improve my daughters reading level. As soon as she finished watching 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, she went to the school library and took out the book and read it. This was the first book she took out."


DJ went from a C, D, F average in school, but since we got Reading Movies, DJ has been averaging B’s and sometimes A’s. He surprised even me, because now he just wants to read and read and read.

-AWARDS - A series of acclaimed Children Movies which holds such accolades as:
  • Winner of Grand Prize
  • Venice Film Festival
  • Montreal Film Festival

  • Len Anthony Smith, Executive Producer
    "..HBO, Walt Disney, Universal, Tristar, they send their materials to us to be reviewed by two juries, one of adults and one of children. Reading Movies received the highest possible rating from both juries, so they were given the coalition’s highest award for excellence in production, entertainment and education."

    Nancy Kenny
    Board of Trustees
    Coalition for Quality Children’s Media


    The New York Times -
    “…The pictures are beautiful to look at, with lavish, exotic costumes, and a stunning sweep of never-ending land that blends deep, natural panoramas and artistic interiors."

    “Lots of action, imaginative costumes and sets... all done with convincing flavor..”

    "...plenty of action and humor…. simple and significant stories, for children."

    "…The films are exceptionally well made…"

    “.. sprinkled with illusions to which children can relate, without suffering the gnawing sense of being talked down to or patronized. "

    451 East Mitchell St. * Petosky, Michigan 49770
    (616) 347-4211

    Dear Karalee Harrigan,

    I have previewed The Magic Of The Kite, Where The Spirit Lives and The Christmas Martian, with my 8 and 13 year old daughters and I must say I am impressed so far. The stories are so engaging that both my girls show behavior that implies that they are doing more than mindlessly consuming, as with most commercial fare.

    They ask questions, make educated remarks and get emotionally involved. Sometimes they even make suggestions to solve whatever problems were being presented at the time. I particularly like the kid’s viewpoint of the movies.

    Keep it up and please make more of these fine films available.


    Ron Fowler
    Children’s Librarian


    To: Mr. Todd Bowling, Principal
    Jane Hoop Elementary School
    1738 Compton Road
    Mt. Healthy, OH 45231

    From: Alice Szema
    MA. Advanced Cert. Education Curriculum and Instruction
    (Former Doctoral Candidate in Education)

    Dear Mr. Bowling:

    Over the summer, I bought 4 sets of Interactive Reading Movies for my grandchildren and friends. When the summer was over, the parents encouraged their viewing. My 7-year old grandson is enthralled by these Reading Movies and after several viewings continues to read along with the movie. My 5-year old grandson started to sight-read from the DVD to my surprise. I think this is a wonderful program for elementary school children.

    I have requested for you, a copy of Reading Movies, so that your students can benefit from this different style of learning. The DVD’s are especially good for all ages due to the acting, singing and dancing performed by child actors. The best part is that the dramatic stories are all based on classic literature. They teach sight reading and spelling in an entertaining way, a learning program that is fun to participate in.

    The last after-school seminar I attended was about “sight reading is in and phonics is out”. I think it was given by the school district, telling us not to teach phonics, but to use sight reading. These DVD’s are all about ‘sight reading’.

    Alice Szema


    From: T Coker
    Phoenix City, AL

    Re : ADHD

    My 10 year old child received a set of your Reading Movies for Christmas and they are wonderful! How can I get others? My child is ADHD and we have found that he is a visible reader. These Reading Movies have been a great help with his reading.


    From: Anthony J. Curiale
    Staff Developer,
    New York City Department of Education

    As some one who has seen three decades of educational systems, I am very excited about Specially For Kids’ READING MOVIES.

    I wholeheartedly recommend READING MOVIES as an integral part of elementary and middle school reading programs

    -More Testimonials

    “ ….Why didn’t someone think of this before.”
    -Dr. Theodore Sizer, former Dean of the Graduate School of Education at Harvard and the Founder of the Coalition of Essential Schools.

    “….I see in your very remarkable technology tremendous possibilities for language and language arts instruction…..Reading Movies has obvious applications in teaching literacy skills…..but it is in the realm of foreign language instruction that I find the exciting applications”.
    Bernabe Francis Feria, Ph.D. Director of Curriculum and Development, Berlitz International

    “….You can sell as long as you like but I am sold…..”
    -Chancellor Rudy Crew. Former Chancellor of the nations largest Public Schools System, New York City.

    “….My first reaction was to think of the enormous potential Reading Movies poses for the program development community and broadcasters the world over….. further, reform of our educational system is a pressing problem. Our country continues to turn out illiterate adults. Any system that can curb this disturbing trend will be widely embraced. Let us warmly and widely embrace the Reading Movies process.
    -Bruce Johansen, President and CEO, NAPTE International, the leading U.S. Television trade

    It’s a new approach to an age old problem. How do we get them reading?
    In searching for the answer to that question I agreed to try the Reading Movies program in my sixth grade classroom. The movie has a very effective way of reinforcing vocabulary and certain concepts. The repetition and playing back scenes in quizzes helps the viewer to recall facts and analyze the information and data presented. The Reading Movies program even provided the students with additional vocabulary practice, intermediate and advanced quizzes, and the motivation to lead easily into new lessons.

    In observing my students as they watched the movie, I noticed all of my students applying full concentration to the movie. It struck me that even those students who normally would be fidgety and distracting others were instead paying close attention to what was going on in the movie. This indicated to me that they were all reading words and not just listening to what was going on. My sixth graders were actively involved in all aspects of this DVD, the vocabulary lessons, the movie, the singing, the background information and the quizzes.

    Another advantage was the reinforcement it provided. The information and material that was being covered in the movie TROJAN HORSE is extensive. It took us into realms of Greek Mythology, History, (The Trojan Wars), Geography, Social Studies, Literature, Math and the Arts. After seeing the movie, my students had no problems recalling the facts, explain concepts, and details. On test, projects, and even other work, the student’s exhibited greater comprehension, memorable language, and an increased hunger to learn more about the characters in the story and its subject matter.

    CLASSROOM TRIAL; of the Reading Movies program
    By Bertha Cuascut Language Arts Teacher, P.S. 109 Q, New York

    “……I lend my support to this innovative program….essential to addressing the problem of illiteracy among adults and children and ensuring the success of our country….. developing the stereo-sensory effect of being able to see words at the exact time they are spoken, builds upon the findings of educational studies and as Chairman of the Labor, Health and Human Services Appropriations Subcommittee I applaud your efforts…”
    -Senator Arlen Specter, United States Senate

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